Cobra Commander Revealed

It appears that Cobra Commander from the upcoming live action GI Joe movie is going to looks something like this:

Cobra Commander Movie
Is it just me or does that look exceptionally lame?

I not particularly interested in this movie even though I grew up on GI Joe.

2 thoughts on “Cobra Commander Revealed

  1. I know that a lot of people are finding this site via this post. I would like to welcome you and recommend that you look around a bit… this is one of the least interesting posts that I created, and I am shocked by the traffic it is driving.


    The Geek Whisperer

  2. What an awful interpretation of what the character Cobra Commander should look like, not even remotely faithful to the comic, original toy or cartoon and needless to say it isn’t even a menacing alteration; this movie will torpedo fan interest, probably destined to perform with a modest box office showing.

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