Save Your Serial Numbers (Updated)

Update 1/9/10 – I’ve written a more extensive post on this subject –

I am exhausted far beyond my capacity for rational thought (which is rare even with the limited sleep I allow myself). With that in mind I am going to relay a public service announcement from regular TGW reader and fellow blogger pochp:

Keep a hardcopy of the serial number for your big ticket electronic devices (laptop, cellphone, iPod, etc). If they are stolen you are going to want to report the theft with a serial number.

The odds of retrieval aren’t great, but having the serial number can help. It would also help with an insurance claim.

pochp’s blog is called Plato on-line.

5 thoughts on “Save Your Serial Numbers (Updated)

  1. Wow David, you’re advertising me :-)
    The thing that triggered me to start this p.s. was the theft of my brother’s mobile which was still fairly new. What infuriates me is that we know that the thief was either a relative or a
    friend but we have no evidence.
    So many decent and promising people have died JUST because of a cellfone.
    We cannot wait for this to happen to our family.
    Thanks a lot David and more power to the Geek W.

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