Happy Internet Has No Credibility Day *UPDATED

Every year on April 1 while the real world is celebrating/falling victim to April Fools day, netizens celebrate “Internet Has No Credibility Day.”

“Internet Has No Credibility Day” is a glorious day where damn near everyone with an established voice online throws all credibility, integrity, and humility to the wind in an attempt to prove how funny they are to the world (Myself and Jason included… incidentally we were both pretty hard on Microsoft CEOs).

Michael Arrington of Tech Crunch did a post rounding up the many of the big April Fools posts.

My favorite was Gmail’s Autopilot.

On a more philosophical note – Can you imagine if something really important yet outlandish happened on April 1?

Here is the classic Christopher Walken Pranksters sketch on from SNL for your viewing pleasure.


UltimateGuitar.com celebrates Internet Has No Credibility Day by republishing old news that is either ironic or hilarious out of time:

UltimateGuitar.com April Fools

Oddly enough… readers initially responded to some of these very clearly old news articles as if they were new…

Metallica standing up to Napster and refusing to let their music be available through its service will likely open up the doors for other artists to do the same and could very well mean the end of music piracy as we know it.

Too funny.

One thought on “Happy Internet Has No Credibility Day *UPDATED

  1. I got into a nasty argument in a techie community.
    That’s what I contributed to “Internet Has No Credibility Day” unintentionally.

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