Southside Johnny & Bruce Springsteen 1978

3 thoughts on “Southside Johnny & Bruce Springsteen 1978

  1. If I may respond, not as the one you report to but as one Springsteen/Southside fan…hot damn, that’s a killer vid of “The Fever.”


  2. Which, though, also begs the question…why does one go to near-mythical status while the other basically toils in NJ obscurity? Both have similar vocal ranges, similar harmonica skills, both a stage presence. Why does Bruce (yes, he was on the cover of Time and Newsweek in the same week in 1975 for sure, so that’s a leg up) go on to be a worldwide religion while hardly those outside of the Stone Pony viewing area know who Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes are?

    The music business is a fickle game, for sure….

  3. It’s a good question. I’ve read an interview with SSJ where he said he was happy that he never had a hit ( ):

    “There are times that I’ve wished I had a million dollars, but I’m glad I never got locked into anything – because hit records can do that to you. I remember when Lou Reed and Neil Young did a lot of different styles of things, and they took a lot of heat for it. I haven’t stepped out that far, but I’ve done some blues things, some acoustic things. I’d hate to have to do the same thing every night. And I don’t have to.”

    My guess is that he probably didn’t feel that way 30 years ago, but I could be wrong. Regardless of popularity I am a huge SSJ fan and he remains my favorite stage performer.

    On a separate note, I love these old videos but SSJ is a much better harp player now than he was back then. The difference is staggering.

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