Rupert Murdoch Declares War on Google

Here is a new development in the great major media tantrum of 2009.

Rupert Murdoch is angry about Google News. Google doesn’t create any original news content, instead, Google News aggregates and sorts top news stories and provides headlines along with a line or two of a news article from other sources which it ultimately links to. If you click on a story in Google News, you are taken to the site of the person or organization who made it.

This seems pretty fair to me. No copyrights are being infringed upon. Hell, Google isn’t even competing with these news outlets… they are sending traffic their way. That being said, Murdoch believes that Google is stealing their content and he isn’t alone in that belief.

Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Robert Thomson argues that, “Google devalues everything it touches.” I can’t really disagree with that point, but I think it is part of online economic growing-pains.

Regardless, the idea of these news outlets pulling their content from Google News is fairly preposterous. The old guard of media need to make their content more prolific and ubiquitous if they want to survive online. Snubbing Google and the users of Google News won’t make them any more money… it will probably make them less relevant than they already are.

Rupert Murdoch is so used to absolute control that I don’t think he has the slightest clue how to lead his businesses into an Internet dominant future. I wish him luck.

One thought on “Rupert Murdoch Declares War on Google

  1. Growing pains. Hmm Does any of us trult believe that the world will continue to give money to people to build web sites that lose it all? Is it not therefore inevitable that web sites with paid people filling them up with news will have to find a model (or close?)?
    Murdoch’s stating the bleeding obvious. And the Google part is merely the accelerator.

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