Danger! Zombie Sign Ahead

Here’s a story sent in by a reader.

It seems that all over the country hackers with a sense of humor are breaking into programmable road construction signs and reprogramming them to say things along the lines of “Danger Zombies Ahead.” It seems that hacking the signs isn’t particularly difficult.

Here is a news story from Austin, Texas:

I don’t know about you, but I get such a kick out of news coverage of ridiculous things… Something about the authoritative voice of a newscaster talking about absurd crap makes me smile.

Stories like this are being reported all over the country… and they are all the same on every network in each region that I saw:

Everyone did a double-take. Some people thought it was funny… then they show an angry white woman rant about the danger tampering with these signs poses. The news anchor makes a “witty” comment before pointing out that hacking these signs is illegal. End scene.

As far as hacker attacks or even vandalism goes, this is pretty minor. People need to relax a bit.

2 thoughts on “Danger! Zombie Sign Ahead

  1. This might be funny but I wonder who are they referring to as zombies?
    I suspect that they’re referring to mindless robotic people in general.

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