Cinema Autopsy: Spider-Man

Welcome to the first edition of Cinema Autopsy. In this new column (if you will) I will examine where popular sci-fi / superhero movies have gone wrong.

First on the slab is Spider-Man (2002).

Just because Spider-Man made a boatload of money doesn’t mean it wasn’t flawed.

What was the problem with Spider-Man?

William Dafoe.

It’s not what you think. Dafoe is an awesome actor; one of my favorites. Hell, he’s even my favorite actor in Spider-Man. He is an excellent Norman Osborn. Dafoe’s Osborn is scary, intense, brilliant, and evil.


The problem is that the Green Goblin isn’t scary, intense, brilliant or evil. He’s just kind of a joke. A Power Rangers reject.

Not scary
Not scary

Dafoe is way scarier without the mask.

Kind of goofy, but still scary
Kind of goofy, but still scary

That is why Spider-Man fails.

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