Really Eddie?

Apparently Eddie Van Halen feels it necessary to release his own line of sneakers.

That is by far the most unnatural pose I have ever seen.

Really Eddie? Is this what the world needs?

Please stick to guitars, amps, and distortion pedals… you don’t need to put that pattern on everything.

3 thoughts on “Really Eddie?

  1. Eh, why not try it out? But also…why not do with publicity photo with the guitar you are most famouse for? (I guess it’s called the Frankenstein…I always thought it was just his homemade Flying V. I’ve been wrong all these years, I guess.”

    Side note: Diver Down was the very second album (only it was a cassette) that I spent my hard-earned allowence on.

  2. Good point about the guitar.

    The famous guitar wasn’t a Flying V, it was a massively modified guitar built off of a Fender Stratocaster body.

    The guitar he is holding in the shot is his brand new line of guitars, the EVH Wolfgang.

    I do agree that he should have been holding a guitar that had the same Frankenstrat pattern in it (either the original Frankenstrat or the Wolfgang painted like the Frankenstrat).

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