Sharpen Your Pitchforks Craigslist was Used in a Murdrer

People need to get a grip.

Craigslist was used by murderer. It is horrible that people were killed, but Craigslist isn’t the problem.

The person who killed them is the problem.

If Craigslist was used in a murder, it only means that it has become extremely mainstream. People kill. They will use lots of tools in the process, and most of them are innocent tools. Cars, cellphones, computer, a hotel room… come to think of it, these people were attacked by the murderer in a hotel room. Why don’t we hold the hotel accountable? Aren’t a lot of dead people found in hotel rooms? (they are on TV)

People kill other people, it’s a tragedy. However this is not the fault of Craigslist any more than it is the fault of the murderer’s internet service provider, the manufacturer of his computer, the company who made the car with which he used to get to the hotel, or the hotel itself… all of these things didn’t cause the murders, they were used by the murderer.

Remember that off topic post I wrote about Dr. H.H. Holmes, the Worlds Fair murderer… that man built a whole hotel to murder people in it! That was in 1893. Technology wasn’t and isn’t the problem. If you read the book, The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair that Changed America, you will quickly realize that modern technology would have saved most of the men and women that Holmes butchered.

Let’s cut out this technophobic BS.

Your thoughts?

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