Take Your Business Opportunity & Shove It

I love it when people from high school that I never communicated with in any capacity friend me on Facebook. It’s totally awesome to get a friend request, look at the name and think, “I have no idea who this person is…” but I accept anyway out of some stupid sense of politeness. Plus, my life rocks and my Facebook profile reflects that!

What I love even more than hearing from people who were barely connected to me in the past, is getting messages like this from them:

Hey David! How r u doing? This is a shot in the dark but i was just wondering if u knew anyone who is looking to make some extra money. My business team is aggressively expanding right now despite the economic time and I know a lot of people are in the process of looking for other ways of making money. If u know anyone that would be really helpful.
Hope all is well and thanks a lot!!


She was right about one thing in that message, it was “a shot in the dark.” It was a really poorly written shot in the dark. Seriously, that was the first time that this person has ever communicated with me at all. Ever.

That’s the third message along those lines that I have received from former high school classmates who I didn’t really know. One of them began with the words”

David, you are smart guy with good business sense…

Then he proceeded to ask me if I wanted to “invest” in his real estate scheme.


The other message was an invite to become part of an “exciting business opportunity.” Of course it was a pyramid scheme.


If you were thinking about trying to get me to become part of some get rich quick scheme, please take your business opportunity and shove it.

Your thoughts?

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