Eminem and the Punisher Team-Up


Hey Marvel, April Fools Day was last month!

…Wait… you mean this isn’t a joke?

Cause if it’s a joke, it’s really funny.

… OK then… you are serious… and now I am sad.

Marvel Comics is presents EMINEM & The Punisher, available now. Or you can read it here. I refuse to read it, but someone might want to.

“‘When we learned that Eminem is a fan and collector of Marvel comics, we could only imagine what would happen if The Punisher and Slim Shady met up in the Marvel Universe,’ said Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. ‘This was a unique partnership and the team had a blast working with Eminem and incorporating the rapper into the Marvel fold'” (CBR).

Really Joe, he’s a fan? That’s what it takes to play a staring role in a miniseries with a well-established character.

The fact that this comic exists really drives me nuts. I hope Marvel received a fat check from Mr. Shady’s record label. If they did this without extra monetary gain I will be thoroughly disappointed.

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