It’s been another long, fun day.

I spent Sunday with some great friends at a place called Barcade in Brooklyn.


In case you haven’t already parsed out the name, Barcade is half bar/ half old-school arcade.

It was a really different place – nothing like a Dave & Buster’s. D&B has modern arcade games and is both flash and expensive. Barcade is a cool but spartan bar built in a big garage. They have an excellent selection of specialty beers, and old-fashion cabinet arcade games that date back to the early 80s; back when video games were hard… and didn’t actually have endings; they just got faster with every level.

All of the games cost a quarter, which was both shocking and refreshing.

I forgot how hard some of the original versions of these games were. “Arkanoid” is a game that has been copied and mimicked all over the place is a game that I usually rock… it destroyed me.


Same went for “Asteroids.”


But I still had it in “1943.”


I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have “Space Invaders.”

If you are looking for an old arcade fix or a really good beer, check out Barcade the next time you are in New York City.

Your thoughts?

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