E3 Highlights – A Good Day for Microsoft

Brace yourself, this post is entirely about Microsoft and I only say nice things.

There are a ton of new developments in the video game world emanating from the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).

While there are far too many things to cover, here are some of the highlights that have me pretty excited:

Metal Gear Rising on Xbox 360!

Metal Gear is a nutty franchise that is so damn fun. I’ve been holding out on buying a PS3 for a while, but when I do eventually buy one, it will be in large part because Metal Gear 4 is exclusive to the system.

Metal Gear is coming back, and it is already looking crazier than ever!

Project Natal – Microsoft Moons Nintendo

Microsoft is attempting to out-Wii Nintendo. Project Natal is a motion based control system for the Xbox 360, but unlike the Wii, it has no controller.

It’s a set top box equipped with an RGB camera, depth sensor and multi-array microphone, and coupled with proprietary software, it aims to allow users to play games and navigate the Xbox 360’s menu using no controller at all.

(Take a moment to collect all of the little pieces of your blown mind before your continue reading)

If it works and video game designers actually implement the technology in fun and unique ways, this will be incredible. If it fails, it will be another big gaming hardware blunder to add to the list – I’m looking at you Powerglove.

How could something look so fun, yet suck so bad?

Xbox Live Goes Social

Alpha geek Felicia Day, announced that Xbox 360 would open up a Twitter and Facebook interface beginning this Fall.I’m extremely curious to see how this plays out.

You can expect more posts on Metal Gear, Project Natal, Ms. Day, and Twitter/Facebook’s migration to gaming over the coming months.

Your thoughts?

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