What Email Address Should I Use?

A lot of people have “junk email addresses” that they use to sign up for, whatever it is they sign up for. This isn’t a bad idea, especially if you are signing up for things that will reward you with piles of spam.

Many other people use email addresses from work, their Internet service provider (ISP), or other organizations that they will not be affiliated for the rest of their lives.

I recommend that you be mindful of the email address you use to sign up for important things such as: Stock, banking, credit card, other personal finance sites, any sites that will bill you, or web sites that you may need to visit at a later phase of life.

Why? You ask.

  • Junk email addresses are for junk. If you actually need to find something in them it could become a nightmare.
  • ISP and work email addresses might not remain in your possession forever.

Side Note:

Just don’t use your ISP email address. Providing you with a free email address isn’t a service, it’s a lock-in method.

People hate changing their email address. If they get you using theirs, you will be less likely to cancel the subscription, even if you are unhappy with the service (I have no data to back up this claim, I’ve just seen it with a lot of clients over the years).

The important stuff should have a fixed email address attached to it, so you always have access. Try using a email provider that has a high probability of existing over the course of your life; Gmail is a safe bet, but I am fairly certain Yahoo Mail will be around indefinitely as well.

This may seem obvious, but I’ve heard of a lot of people who used their work email addresses to manage things like their stock portfolio. Upon retirement, they stopped receiving information until they changed everything over to a new address. Why go through the hassle when it’s easy to plan ahead?

Practice safe computing with good email use.

5 thoughts on “What Email Address Should I Use?

  1. As if you’ve read my mind. I’m now having trouble with my Yahoo mail even though I take all precautions.
    Suddenly, most links inside the mail don’t work. Do you think MS XP have anything to do with this because my Windows toolbar don’t work anymore.

  2. I haven’t used Yahoo Mail in a long time, but I would try it out in a different browser first and see what happens. If it doesn’t make a difference, try on a different computer. That will help to narrow down the source of the issue.

    Is your toolbar gone, or is it there and it doesn’t work?

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