Best Buy’s Best Memo

Engadget has published a Best Buy memo regarding the impending release of Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 7.

Best Buy Windows 7 MemoAs far as memos go, this one is pretty funny.

Bottom-line: If you plan on buying a PC at Best Buy, wait until this deal kicks in.

Oh, and the Geek Squad is way overhyped in this memo. They are not so great as a collective organization.

2 thoughts on “Best Buy’s Best Memo

  1. Its funny how best buy says they are making the offers when they aren’t. all retailers will be given that same opportunity by microsoft. all copies of windows vista – retail, upgrade and oem will begin being sold with windows 7 coupons then. microsoft released that in a pres release almost a month ago to all the companies that sell computers and it had leaked onto the internet a couple days before that. the only difference is best buy’s last bullet – other companies won’t offer geek squad interference – thus buy it from somewhere else!!!

  2. then again … you could also just read the rumors. buying a computer now isn’t that bad. supposedly if you have windows vista ultimate you can get windows 7 free no matter when you bought it. and if you have any other windows vista the upgrade price is going to be ridiculously cheap using windows anytime upgrade.

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