FAIL Blog is pretty simple. Users submit photos or video of stupid or awkward things and they Photoshop the word “FAIL” or when warranted “Epic FAIL.”

Here are some geeky and not as geeky examples:

fail-owned-drowning-failfail-owned-action-comics-failfail-owned-spiderman-comics-failfail-owned-facebook-ad-corrupted-file-solution-failfail-owned-flytrap-failOn rare occasion, an image is marked “WIN” when… well, when it’s not a FAIL.

fail-owned-fail-sign-winfail-owned-prep-winFAIL Blog usually updated a few times a day and is usually good for a quick chuckle.


One thought on “FAIL Blog = WIN

  1. LOL Cats (includes Fail blogs) is becoming one of my past times now
    but my favorite is Celebs LOL. I think I already recaptioned more than five pics.

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