Mac Update: Snow Leopards, Laptops, and Guitars Oh My

Apple has revealed a number new improvements and adjustments to their products at WWDC, here’s the rundown.

Snow Leopard

I was going to write a summation of Apple’s announcements regarding the new operating system updates, but a great one already exists (and I’m very tired). Check with Gizmodo to learn all of the nifty upgrades Snow Leopard will give you for a mere $29.00 come September 2009. Nothing is Earth-moving, but it’s all good stuff.

Safari 4

The new browser has been spotted in the wild with a new look, and boasting the title of “fastest browser on the web.” That is until Google Chrome leapfrogs them again in a few months – isn’t competition great?

MacBook Family

  • Price cuts pretty much across the board
  • Non-removable batteries that are assured to last a long time across the board
  • ExpressCard slots go the way of FireWire (Except for the 17-inch MacBook Pro) – they are replaced with SD slots
  • A lot of boosted specs
  • The solid state hard drive model of the MacBook Air dropped $700 making it almost reasonable at $1,799

I’m not sure ExpressCard slots were ready for retirement, and I’m not crazy about the non-removable batteries – this just seems like an unnecessary hassle for users. Otherwise, the refreshed machines look good – Skynet will be pleased.

For a complete rundown of the MacBook changes check with Engadget.

New iPhones

I am by no means an authority on iPhones. So if you care to learn more about the new incarnations of the popular device, you may have a gander here.

Control Your Guitar & Amp with Your iPhone

Apple, Amp manufacturer Line 6, and general musical gadget brand Planet Waves are teaming up to offer an iPhone app that will allow you to control your guitar and amp’s sound. More on this as better details arise.

Your thoughts?

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