Getting 30 Lives on Facebook

*Editorial note from David:

This isn’t a post isn’t entirely about video games. If video games don’t interest you, this is still cool stuff.

* * * * * *

One code to rule them all
One code to rule them all

Remember using that back in the day? If not, then you don’t play enough video games.

This is the infamous Konami code. Used in more video games then I count, including games as old as Contra (The game that made the code famous – entering the code game you 30 lives. If you couldn’t beat the game with that many lives you probably weren’t intelligent to live past your 10th birthday), and as new as games as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and the Dance Dance Revolution series. You can check out the entire list of games that use this code on Wikipedia if you care (I don’t, but you might).

“Why do I bring this up?”

I’m glad you asked.

When you can cheat at life, well then it’s cool.  Take for instance Facebook.  I bet you didn’t know that Facebook had a bunch of cheat codes!  (Or as programmers and computer geeks like to call them, Easter Eggs.)

Go to your Facebook – yes I know you have one because everyone has one – and type in the above code (you can substitute ENTER for START since there isn’t a button on your keyboard that says START) (This doesn’t work on the brand new Safari 4 or Firefox 3.5b99 – yet).

WOW, right?  Bet you didn’t see that coming!  But wait there’s more.

Facebook is not the only website that does this.  There are tons of web pages that have hidden features that are activated by the Konami code. Here’s a list, but you need to know the code to see it.

Anything is possible – sometimes things are as obvious as Facebook’s, others are as small as adding a secret button that does something amazing to the web page.

Go cheat!  Enjoy the benefits of what thou hath not earned!


What timing! The Konami code unlocks an app called the “Developer Mode Enabler” on the brand new Palm Pre.

Your thoughts?

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