Six Flags: A Day with Superman, Batman, & Bizarro

I spent all day zipping across Six Flags Great Adventure with two of my good friends from college; Andrew & Dave (they’re twins). They live in Buffalo, NY and don’t have the opportunity to come down too often, so they decided to splurge and buy us a Flash Pass.

Basically, the Flash Pass is a big red tamagotchi (remember those pieces of garbage?) looking thing with some form of receiver/ transmitter. It allowed us to book our rides without having to wait on the line – Freakin’ sweet! Especially when you don’t have to pay for it.

I forgot my camera, so I need to use old photos or steal them from promotional sites.
I forgot my camera, so I need to use old photos or steal them from promotional sites.

So, we zipped around all day, enjoying the beautiful weather, and going on more rides than I can count.

Here’s the scoop on big attraction rides (In no particular order):

Batman the Ride

The original Batman coaster still rocks. This short but intense ride never disappoints. I think I’ve gone on it about 12 times in three visits over the last year.

El Toro

This wooden roller coaster is anything but your typical wood coaster. It’s fast, smooth, and exceptionally intense. I think it’s the best one in the park (Andrew & Dave agreed).

(I took this one)
(I took this one)


A great steel coaster with an incredible drop. Ride this one before you go on El Toro because as great as it is, it won’t measure up next to wooden awesomeness.

Kingda Ka

I really want to go on this record holding (height & speed) 456 foot tall, 128 mph phallic symbol, but it’s always closed when I go to the damn park.


The Dark Knight Coaster

Great movie. Abysmal ride. Don’t waste your time on stupid thing.

Great American Scream Machine

It twists, it turns, it cork screws, and it loops… a lot. This classic coaster is a lot of fun, but it can beat you up a bit.

Superman: Ultimate Flight

You fly through this ride in a horizontal position. Nothing underneath you except for the harness. It’s fast and unbelievably smooth; you really feel like you’re flying. I love this one.


Bizarro is awesome!

For those of you who don’t know, Bizarro is the anti-Superman, and he inverts the definitions of words. When Bizarro say’s he is “here to save you,” he actually means he is “here to kill you.”

So, when I say “Bizarro is awesome,” I mean it’s not.

The Bizarro coaster  is a slightly modified version of the old ride Medusa. Medusa was boring. The minor improvements along with some special effects don’t do nearly enough to revitalize this ride.

A woman who was on the line for Batman with me put it best:

“Medusa wasn’t great, but it was ok because it never had a line… Bizarro sucks because it isn’t great and the line is insane.”


  1. Don’t keep your cellphone or keys in an unzipped pocket. Dave’s phone was “stolen” by Superman (Not very Superman like). It’s a very strange feeling watching your friend’s phone drop from a great height.
  2. Riding at the front of these coasters is more visually intense, however, the back of the coaster is physically more intense (Especially on Superman and El Toro).

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