Playing For Change

Playing For Change is an innovative NPO that raises money to build music schools for children in developing countries. Their mission is interesting and I fully support the construction of any schools that don’t teach hate and falsehoods.

However, what I find most intriguing about Playing For Change is the way they have gotten the their name out and started making money. They have recorded musicians from all over the world playing the same songs in the same key and tempo. Then they mix the different musicians together to spectacular effect. What is so cool is that these musicians have never met each other, but they can still create beautiful music together.

Give their version of Stand By Me a listen:

Here is One Love:

And this is Don’t Worry:

I absolutely love what they have done here. The concept is brilliant, and the execution is flawless.

They have plenty more videos on their YouTube Channel.

You can buy their album or donate; I will be ordering the album.

I love music as much, or more than the next guy, but I don’t believe that it has ever been a major (or minor for that matter) catalyst for peace. However, I firmly believe that education and financial interdependence will bring about more peace, so with that in mind, I fully support Playing For Change in their mission.

Your thoughts?

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