Gmail Ninja Training

I strongly recommend using Gmail for your personal and professional email needs.

It’s fast, easy to use, and works almost 100% of the time, plus it has a ton of cool features.

Those features are what really set Gmail apart from the competition, and they are often overlooked. Writing a guide for these features has been on my “To Do List” for a while. However, Google beat me to it.

So here is there Gmail ninja training guide.

It has four levels: White belt, Green belt, Black belt and Gmail master.

Gmail Ninjas

These are very easy to follow, and most of them are pretty practical.

If you are only going to learn two lessons, look at item 9 under White belt (about reporting spam), and item 5 under Gmail master (it’s about email encryption). Both are easy to do and will help improve email security.

The guide also explain Gmail’s substitute for folders (a frequently asked question/ complaint about the email service). See White belt items 3 & 4 for more information on that.

When you reach the end of your training, keep an eye out for Google’s masterful sales pitch.

Go train grasshopper… and practice safe computing.

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