Send a Corrupted File Instead

(This is not a joke) is a web site that sells intentionally corrupted (or damaged) Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Why the hell would someone want to buy a file that will not open?

To submit to a teacher/ professor. Sending a file that won’t open will allow a student to “meet” a deadline, while also buying them some extra time to actually finish the project.
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Here’s how it works: Instructions
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I came up with this exact idea about four years ago. However, by the time I thought of it, my “lazy bag of poo” phase was long past, so I never tried it. I also never thought of marketing the concept.

4 thoughts on “Send a Corrupted File Instead

    1. I know! Unethical yet brilliant.

      I foresee a future where teachers are receiving a ton of corrupted files… then they will catch on.

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