What Hath Wii Wrought?

I played some Nintendo Wii a few days ago. It had been a long time since I played a Wii, and I forgot how tiring it can be.

I also forgot how uneven the workout is.

My right arm is damn sore, and my left is completely fine.

Combine those thoughts with the my current state of sleep deprivation and you have this…

[In a booming voice]

The Geek of the Future!!!

What Wii Hath Wrought
I love doing crappy sketches in MS Paint.

Future geeks will have a massive right arm, and a standard geek left arm (unless he/she is a lefty, then switch it up).

Having one bionic arm is totally in these days. Just ask the new Captain America, Bucky Barnes.

Bucky Bionic Arm

Your thoughts?

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