Microsoft Ads Hit Rock Bottom

At this point, there is no reason to continue railing on Microsoft for it’s ads or buggy software. Quite frankly, I do not believe that they can do anything correctly, with the exception making good mice and keyboards.

  • The Xbox 360 (my console of choice) is so freaking buggy that the company has blown millions and millions of dollars on replacing broken systems (mine included).
  • Their public image sucks.
  • Their software is bloated, buggy, and all too often ignores the user experience.
  • Their advertisements are a disaster.

This is the latest and then quickly killed Microsoft ad for Internet Explorer 8.

(It is repulsive… you might not want to watch it)

Look… everyone knows what “private mode” is for. Additionally, it isn’t a unique selling feature because every other current browser offers the exact same thing (Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, & Google Chrome), so why bother making an issue of it?

Microsoft has so much money that if it had a good product that was worth selling, someone would be able to make an ok advertisement for it… but they don’t… except for their mice and keyboards (which they don’t advertise).

And then there is this browser comparison chart that Microsoft pushed out of its rear:

ie8_vs._the_worldIf it isn’t obvious, this is a big lie.

Practice safe computing by using Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.

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