Dream Theater, Black Clouds & Silver Linings Revisted

It’s been about two weeks since I reviewed Dream Theater’s new album, Black Clouds & Silver Linings. Over that span of time, I have listened to the album quite a few times, and still love it. However, I also think I was wrong about a few things.

  1. Wither is not a weak track. It’s actually very good.
  2. The Shattered Fortress is not particularly interesting. The fact that it is comprised of riffs from past Dream Theater songs has killed any chance it had at longevity.  I’m pretty sick of it already.
  3. The Count of Tuscany is spectacular. The song runs over 19 minutes, but it’s like a time machine. I put it on and 20 minutes have gone by.

When I review an album I think I am going to try and follow up a few weeks later and report back if I feel the same way about it; see if it has staying power.

2 thoughts on “Dream Theater, Black Clouds & Silver Linings Revisted

  1. I think, that really great albums are changing, if we are listening to them for weeks and months. Of course some things will seem taller and others more little, but the ability to change is one sign of longlasting pleasure.
    When I first heard Captain Beefhearts “Trout ask Replica”, I hated it, but now I have heard it for hundreds of times and it’s still changing.

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