Lobo Comic Penned By Anthrax Guitarist Ian Scott

The man who’s signature guitar looks like this…

Ian Scott Signature Washburn Blood Spattered Guitar… is going to write a comic about Lobo.

He's the guy on the left in case there was any confusion.
He's the guy on the left in case there was any confusion.

Lobo is essentially a caricature of your typical comic book anti-hero (see Wolverine). He is super strong, has super sense, is immortal, and is a genius. He’s also a funny, nasty, and generally angry SOB.

I learned a long time ago that celebrity writers on comic books rarely work out well, but I have a good feeling about this one. Artist Sam Keith always does nice work; especially on dark and gritty books.

Then there is Ian Scott; guitarist from Anthrax.

ian scott anthrax lobo

I have no idea if the man can tell a story, but he his music is aggressive, and he was always funny on “I Love the 80’s” (my college roommate had that show on a continuous loop for about a year).

Aggressive, edgy, and funny are the basic ingredients for a Lobo story. Only time will tell on this one.

Your thoughts?

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