Same Blog, Different Place

You could be reading this in one of many places.

Some are viewing it on the site (The Geek Whisperer), others on my Facebook profile, some on Jason’s (TheLisnakFactor) Facebook profile, or perhaps you are reading on an RSS reader. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the people reading this on Facebook have never actually visited the main site.

Facebook is trying to build their own Internet kingdom where an increasing volume of information passes through their servers; servers that are beyond Google’s all seeing eye (Wired). Information is exceptionally valuable, and as targeted marketing becomes more prominent, information will become an exceptionally precious commodity.

The growing Facebook – Google conflict aside, this presents an interesting challenge for me because comments from readers come in from different places, and never touch one another.

Some people comment on the blog. Facebook readers never see them.

Some of my friends comment on my profile. Regular blog readers never see those, and neither do Jason’s friends.

Some of Jason’s friends comment on his profile. I didn’t even realize he was feeding the blog to his profile until he emailed me and let me know that one of his friends took issue with my take on the X-Man, Storm. Chances are that none of you ever saw the exchange that ensued; unless you are friends with Jason on Facebook.

It’s difficult to provoke dialog when those who are speaking can’t hear one another.

I wanted to use my Facebook Screw image again.
I wanted to use my Facebook Screw image again.

Personally, I prefer the comments when they are left on the blog where everyone can read and respond. However, at the end of the day, I choose to feed the blog through Facebook (Jason too) and I love receiving comments on any forum. I do this to inform and provoke dialog, it’s just awkward to reply to different conversations on the same post.

This is one of instance of Facebook’s lock & key control interfering with usability. I strongly suspect this will grow into a more significant issue as Facebook continues to expand.

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