Ryan Reynolds Cast as the Green Lantern

Over the weekend, Ryan Reynolds was officially cast as Hal Jordan, the (greatest) Green Lantern.

I’ve got to say I am a little disappointed. I could see Reynolds as Deadpool (although he was horribly misused in the Wolverine movie). I accepted him in Blade Trinity even though he was kind of annoying. I was excited about the prospect of Reynolds playing the Flash; I could totally see him as Wally West… but now he is going to be Hal Jordan.


At least they look alike
At least they look alike

I’m a little bummed out by this because I see it as a loss on two fronts.

  1. I don’t think he is right for the role of Hal Jordan. He’s not all wrong for the role, I just think there are better people for the job; Nathan Fillion comes to mind.
  2. I can say with confidence that Reynolds won’t be the Flash. There is no way DC & Warner Brothers will allow the man to play two flagship characters. That’s sad because he would be perfect for that role.

All-in-all, I’m a bit disappointed, but will reserve judgment until it debuts in 2011.

Better comic/ movie news:

Geek icon Natalie Portman will play Jane Foster in Thor (2011). Now that is a good casting call.

natalie portmanJane foster

The bright side?

Neither of these movies will be as dreadful as Transformers 2.

Your thoughts?

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