Google Calendar Gets a Green Erlenmeyer Flask

I always thought Erlenmeyer Flasks were cool.

Erlenmeyer FlaskEspecially when they are on the top right corner of a Google web app.

Google Calendar Labs Flash That little green flask links to Google Labs. Labs are add-ons for Google applications. Some Labs are fun, while others are practical.

Until yesterday Labs were only a part of Gmail, now they are also part of Google Calendar.

They allow you to customize the program to better meet your individual needs. There aren’t many Labs for Calendar yet, and most of them are more for enterprise users, but there will be more in the future.

Google Calendar Labs

If you use Google Calendar, go try the new Labs out. If you haven’t used Google Calendar, go check it out… mine keeps my busy life in order. It always knows where I need to be, even when I can’t remember.

Your thoughts?

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