Futurama Returning, with New Voice Actors?!?

Fox is set to bring the geek classic Futurama back to TV. They have signed-on for 26 new episodes that should begin airing in mid 2010.

The catch…

Apparently Fox hit a wall negotiating with the original voice actors, and have putout a casting call for replacements.

I’ve gotten emails from quite a few people about this one. The people I’ve spoken to about the prospect of Futurama without Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche and Tress MacNeille seem pretty angry.


I can’t say that I am thrilled about the idea, and I love Futurama.

However, something tells me Fox will work things out with the employees of Planet Express.

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3 thoughts on “Futurama Returning, with New Voice Actors?!?

  1. Crud nuggets! What an atrocity. It won’t be authentic Futurama without the real actors. Disney tried to do the same thing with Aladdin 2–with our pal Dan C. (Homer Simpson) as Genie instead of Robin Williams. . . [and without celebrity imitations, too] and though it was a good movie, it was not the same at all. . .but with ALL the cast different, it will seem like one of those fan-made Star Trek ‘episodes’. Don’t let it happen!!

    1. I’m with you buddy. I’m staying confident that an agreement will be reached and the show will return with the regular voice actors.

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