Ding Dong DRM is Almost Dead

One of my first posts on this blog explained DRM and why it’s awful for everyone.

If you run a search on this site for “DRM,” you will discover that it has been a regular punching-bag for me.

But today is not a day for ill feelings… today is a day of celebration.

The RIAA, the primary advocate for DRM, admitted that it is nearly extinct as the major online distributors of music no longer use it.

When I sat down and first started writing this, it was misreported that the RIAA admitted that DRM was “dead.” As it turns out, the misquote was far more accurate and intelligent than the actual one… but such is typically the case for the RIAA. Sadly, it will be a long time before the RIAA follows DRM into oblivion.

The RIAA’s admission isn’t really a victory, more an understatement of fact. However, it does show positive movement in a logical direction.

Without DRM mucking up paid music sites, those of us who actually do buy music are no longer punished for obeying the law.

Your thoughts?

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