“Let me Google that for you” – The Internet’s Answer to the Dumb Question

Some questions are stupid. It happens.

Some questions are stupid and the person asking is lazy. He or she could easily find the answer with a simple Google search, but no, that’s too much work…

So here you are, stuck answering a stupid Googleable question. Enter, “Let Me Google That For You” www.lmgtfy.com.

Let me Google that for you lmgtfy.comThe concept is pretty simple.

You go to the site, and type the search phrase that your lazy friend should have typed into Google. Then you select, “Google Search.”

Just like the real Google!

Except this one won’t provide you with a search mashup. What it does provide is a tinyurl link to a page that simulates the process of typing the search phrase, and then it brings up the actual Google Search mashup. Take a look for yourself.

Now when you are faced with a stupid lazy question, you can just give them a lmgtfy link that will do the work they should have done on their own.

It’s slightly more friendly than telling your friend that he/she is a lazy pile of poo.

A special thanks goes out to Eric Williamson for showing me this brilliant spec of Internet.

Your thoughts?

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