Crosby, Stills & Nash 8/11/09 Concert Review

Has anyone else noticed that live music smells like marijuana?

…moving on.

Crosby, Stills & Nash’s performance this last night was exceptional.

I went to see them because my friend Jackie wanted to go, and we were able to get half-off lawn tickets. At $17, I couldn’t say no to seeing three legendary musicians (even if I wasn’t a big fan of them).

The outdoor arena off of the Garden State Parkway wasn’t anywhere near as busy as it was the last few times I had been there. After a couple of songs, the security guards between the lawn and seating sections opened the gates for the savages on the lawn to enter the proper seating area. I got up with Jackie, and we darted down to the seats. We ended up pretty damn close to the stage, especially since we only spent $17 to enter in the first place.

The show itself really was incredible. Crosby, Stills & Nash’s music range from Graham Nash’s ballads like Teach Your Children, to David Crosby’s self-proclaimed “weird shit” like Dream for Him, to good old fashioned rock and roll by Stephen Stills.

Speaking of Stephen Stills, I never realized what a guitarist he is. I mean, I shouldn’t be shocked by simple virtue of the man being a professional musician, who has been performing on stage with a guitar in his hands since the early 1960’s… but I just never paid much attention. Plus, the guitar, and instrumentals in general always seemed to take a backseat to the vocal harmonies on CSN studio recording. Regardless, the man can play.

They performed for about 2.5 hours (not including a 15 minute break), and every second of their performance was enjoyable. The high points for me were a very spacey jam on Dream for Him, and a rocking rendition of Buffalo Springfield’s For What it’s Worth; a song that holds deep personal meaning to me, completely independent of the lyrics.

Crosby, Stills & Nash made a fan out of me. Next time they are in town, I will be buying tickets.

Your thoughts?

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