Al Gore, Thank You for

It’s Thursday, so it must be time for another installment of “Thank You Al Gore Thursday.”

Dear Al,

Thank you for making possible.

During my freshman year of college I was assigned a random roommate; we shall refer to him as Dr. Poop… because that’s what I called him to his face on a regular basis.

He was a huge fan of his own bowel-movements… and if that wasn’t odd enough… the bowel movements of others. He had names for the different types of poop he created. He was also lactose intolerant but refused to take Lactaid, or stop consuming copious quantities of milk. It was a tough year.

I couldn’t relate to Dr. Poop, but he was still able to find a community of like-minded individuals on the Internet. That place was

Thank you Al Gore for creating such an open and free network, so even people like Dr. Poop don’t have to feel alone in this big, judgmental world.

Gore - You're Welcome

Thursday got away from me a bit, so check back midday tomorrow for your Friday TGW fix.

Your thoughts?

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