My Memories of 19th Century Oregon

history of 19th century oregon trail xkcd (xkcd)

Those were tough times. I remember them well…

I was a young lad, no older than six when I first hit the Trail. There was no Internet to speak of, and all we had to eat were moldy Apple IIGS.

The Trail was really hard to survive without basic reading comprehension or survival skills. Why would anyone need anything but guns and ammo to survive a 2000 mile trek across untamed, unforgiving wilds?

There were so many ways to die on the Trail… but I always felt the worst for those poor souls who perished from cholera, diarrhea or dysentery. There were neither toilet, nor toilet paper on the Trail.

2 thoughts on “My Memories of 19th Century Oregon

  1. Oregon Trail…the only “game” the nuns would let us play in high school after we did our basic coding exercises.

    Good times…good times…

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