Photoshop – Born Again

Here’s a reader question from Simona:

Hi, I just found your Geek Whisperer blog regarding updates, and how to keep your PC happy. I am always a bit fearful of updates, which explains why I’m constanly having issues with this damn machine. I wish I’d stumbled upon you earlier, but I promise I’ve learned the lesson!

I use Photoshop CS2 (PC, Windows XP Prof) and am having problems starting the program back up… invalid serial number or organisation … such and such… It is a few months since I last used the program, but it had been working fine.

In general, I could probably do with updating everything it’s been offering, and probably the whole of my CS2.

Basically, is there a way of retrieving the necessary updates to install? Recently, on closing down the PC, ‘Install updates and shut down’ was an option, but its gone now.

I have looked on the web for updates, but to be honest, I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing… I wouldn’t know if I was loading the relevant one or not, so I’d prefer to do the updates that pop up for my computer.

Sorry I’m so uniformed and clumsy in my geekspeak, but any help you could give me is appreciated!

Well Simona, I’m happy to hear that you are going to start keeping your software up-to-date. That will help you avoid many problems in the future… but let’s take a look at the problem that you have now.

With errors such as yours, the best thing to do is “Google the error.” Basically type the error message word for word into Google, in quotes (If that doesn’t work try without quotes).

Then read what other people did in a similar situation, or at least get an understanding about why it happened so that a techie (or a geek) can fix your issue.

Upon Googling your issue, I found very informative, as it addresses exactly what your issue is, and comes straight from Adobe.

However, there is also the start from scratch method that works very well; you can resolve your issue without doing anything fancy. To start from scratch, basically means to completely remove Adobe Photoshop from your computer, and then to reinstall it (and make sure you restart in-between each and every step when you are promoted).

Reinstalling usually resolves problems like this for any program. To do this properly, I would suggest following the guide at That guide can also be located by typing “Photoshop CS2 complete uninstall” into Google.

Google really is a wonderful resource for troubleshooting these ultra detailed problems, application specific problems… “wisdom of the crowd” and all that.

Now, if these two solutions do not fix your issues, then please let us know here at The Geek Whisperer. Send us a screenshot of the error message and we would be happy to help you further investigate your issue.

Practice safe computing.

Your thoughts?

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