The Vendor/ Client Relationship

The vendor/ client relationship is strange to say the least. This is a perfect take on this oddity of business:

It’s worth mentioning that my client and fellow blogger Mark Krajnak shared this video with me.

One thought on “The Vendor/ Client Relationship

  1. After I sent the link of this video around to some here on the “client” side, one came back with an interesting flip perspective. Here’s what he said, and it too is very true and something we’ve all experienced as well: …I’m hoping there’s a video out there somewhere that gives the other perspective. Something, for instance, where the agency puts their most junior people on the assignment. The beauty salon scene could be reshot. After the client and the hairdresser reach an agreement on the highlights, he leaves the room and an eight year-old comes in to do the work. Now THAT would be funny!…

Your thoughts?

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