Welcome Back Football Season


And what a wonderful season opener it was for my beloved Jets. They simply manhandled the Houston Texans in an away game with a rookie quarterback and new head coach. There is a long season ahead of them, but I am seriously hopeful for the Jets for the first time in a few years.

Here’s some Football funny from the Onion:

How do they think this stuff up?

Then, like um… like um… like um there’s this:

And like um… the inevitable remix:

Congratulations Ellis Lanksder, you’re YouTube famous!

Happy football season everyone.

One thought on “Welcome Back Football Season

  1. Like, um, that’s painful to watch.

    One Philly sports radio show tracks how many times both Shane Victorino and Cole Hamels say “you know” in the course of an interview.

    Media training, people, media training.

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