There Will Never Be Another Beatles or Michael Jackson

I wish I had a dollar for each time I have heard or read that there will never be another Beatles or Michael Jackson.

Yes, it’s true… there never will be another Beatles or Michael Jackson, but as incredibly talented as they were, talent is not the reason there won’t be another band or artist as influential as these two.

The simple reason for this is because the music industry is broken, and splintered. Gone are the days where record companies have the power to make everybody like (or at least listen to) a single group or artist. Things are far more segmented. People listen to different things.

It’s great for listeners, but it also means that the cultural phenomenon of an entire society experiencing the same music simultaneously just isn’t going to happen again.

So let it go. There will be people as, or more talented than the Beatles and Michael Jackson. They are out there performing now… go find them.

While I’m on the subject of the late Mr. Jackson, I am going to direct you to this rather vulgar, but spot-on rant that Jackie Danicki reposted. Unfortunately we will hear about Jackson’s death/ “murder” until the end of time.

Your thoughts?

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