A Moment

Johnnie Moore shared this video a couple weeks ago:

It prompted me to ponder the question “what is as moment?” which I think was the goal of the piece.

That in turn, made me think back to an old episode of the Aaron Sorkin show, Sports Night.

In one episode there is a rather geeky discussion about the definition of the word “momentarily.” It turns out, “momentarily” has two conflicting definitions:

  • For a moment
  • In a moment

That means that the statement, “I will be with you momentarily” could mean, “I will be with you shortly,” or it could also mean “I will be with you for a short while, then I will leave.” I guess it’s also possible that it could mean “I will be with you shortly and then leave.”

I don’t think any of this ultimately matters, but this kind of inane BS is the stuff that runs through my skull.

One thought on “A Moment

  1. I think the second sentence is nearest.
    But like you, I detest using the word. It really is a confusing word,
    Although it’s useful in sentences like:
    ‘They were momentarily shocked’, or…’astounded’.

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