Craigslist entertainment: Lapsitter

Here’s a bit of Craigslist craziness:

need someone to sit on lap (lynbrook)

I have bad back problems, and need someone to sit on my lap for four hours a day ,it helps me straigten my, back I know it sound weird but it helps , willing to pay ten dollars and hour for four hours , twice a week , has to be in good shape and looking for a male to do it because they are stronger to do this sort of job, if you are interested e mail , this is not bs ,you could watch tv, use computer I will even give you food, please respond , just want to let you know that I am not gay or anything like that , just need the weight of you leaning on me , that is all, and sitting on me helps , trust me this is not what I wanted but it helps, thank you

I love this kind of shit. It makes me stop and ponder things like… “How would one list this job on his/her resume?”

The top two that I thought up are “lap engineer” & “professional genital warmer.”

Thanks to Pete S. for sharing.

Your thoughts?

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