Bug vs. Feature

bug vs feature

I love this cartoon.

If you’ve worked in IT or web development for my than a month, I have no doubt that you have either hear or said the following words:

“That’s not a bug, that’s a feature”

I never use that phrase because I know that no one buys it… but still the phrase survives like a cockroach.

The top ten list I pull the cartoon from is pretty good too.

Thanks to Melissa for sharing this bit of funny with me.

10 thoughts on “Bug vs. Feature

  1. I actually used it once or twice, but it actually were features I was referring to ; )
    For example, in a Warcraft 3 Mod I and a Friend was programming – actually, I was programming, he was Writing the Data – called “Battleships Crossfire”, he wanted barrels (you know, the container thingies) to be able to use cannons like a Battleship. I was asked a couple of times why we hadn’t fixed that bug yet that _barrels_ can shoot with machineguns, and since the second or third time all I keep replying is “that’s no bug. that’s a feature.”

    I, personally, think its counter intuitive though. Barrels just don’t shoot >_<

  2. This particular drawing goes waaayyyy back. I remember seeing a version of it in the mid 1980s, when we tended to liken it to IBM’s standard approach to late-breaking bugs: document it and call it a feature!

  3. This picture is buggy:
    Bugs do not have 8 legs, but 6.
    Therefore – both feature and bug are not bugs :)

  4. I love this! I actually love your whole blog. The UI and interlaced coding comics reminds me of one of my favorite development books (Code Complete) lol! It’s a classic and canon for many programmers, including me. =) I love the theme!

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