The new video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is a pretty big waste of time. I’m kind of mortified that I took the time to play it through to the end. However, there was one thing at the end that almost made it worth my time; Hulk reciting a series of haiku.

Allow me to save you $60.00 and a bunch of time by sharing a video of the audio file:

As far as the game goes, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 commits a few major gaming offenses.

  1. The enemies all feel the same. The big difference is that some of them take more time to kill. Otherwise, everything feels very repetitive.
  2. It rewards you greatly for breaking things in the scenery. Rewarding a player for doing pointless things like breaking scenery means that they will. It’s an annoying waste of time.
  3. Unlocking characters. I’m pretty tired of having to unlock characters. Why all of the hoop jumping?

I love the characters. I wanted to enjoy the game… but I can’t. It’s just not very good.

Your thoughts?

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