Concert Review: Springsteen Tears Down Jimmy Hoffa’s House

If you bought tickets to one of the other four Bruce Springsteen shows to shut down Giant Stadium, I’m sorry. It’s gone. The building was torn down last night, and you should have been there.

Old & New Giant Stadium
Here's to you Giant Stadium.

Seriously, that was an epic three hour and 15 minute performance; they never stopped playing. Even at the end of the set, the band lined up, took a bow, talked something over for a few seconds, and then Bruce yelled, “It’s too cold to stop playing!” and jumped back into a long seven song encore. Where does he get the energy to run, jump, sing, and play like that? Apparently 60 is the new 16; he has the energy of a teenager.

His stage presence is completely unrivaled by any other performer I have ever seen. He really knows how to play to his audience, and we love him for it (As opposed to that unprofessional jerk, Peter Frampton).

Six songs in, they played Hungary Heart (Am I the only person who always forgets that he wrote that song?). During the song he ran down the stage and started jumping into the crowd. After his first leap about 75 feet to my right, I pulled out my Flip cam and powered it up, just in case he jumped in near me (I was standing up at he front of the floor section). It turned out that his next stop was directly in front of me, and I captured the whole thing!

I know it’s shaky, but the way the crowd was pushing, I was delighted that I kept the Boss in frame the whole time. I even got to pat him on the back (envy me baby boomer women… I never realized he was such a big sex symbol among 50+ women).

The Music

There’s so much to talk about that I will not be able to cover the whole show…

He opened with a song he wrote special for the Giant Stadium shows. It was called Wrecking Ball… want to guess what it was about? It was a fun start to the evening.

I really enjoyed hearing Working on a Dream, it’s been a bit of a personal theme song for this past year (finishing grad school, finding a new job, you get the point).

The performance of the album Born to Run in its entirety was exceptional from start to finish. During the song Born to Run, the crowd which already had a party-like atmosphere, went completely insane; it was quite a sight. However, the musical highpoint for me was Jungleland.

Jungleland was never a favorite of mine, but something about the piano, Bruce’s voice, Little Steven’s killer solo in the middle, and especially Clarence Clemons gorgeous solo sax work made my night. The song made me weepy, and I’m not ashamed to say so; it was a beautiful performance.

He followed that up with a series of songs from The Rising. That album was what originally sparked my interest in Bruce, so it was nice hearing them. Lonesome Day was retooled a bit, and I was ambivalent about the altered version, but it could have been a me resisting change on a song I love.

The high points of the encore for me were Growing Up (I’m a sucker for stage banter, and this had some “grade A” banter) & the Irish rockish American Land (That was foot-stomping good).

The whole set list (and all of Bruce’s set lists are up on his website)

Bruce Springsteen Set List Giant Stadium September 30

I could go on and on, but it seems unnecessary. The show rocked.

If you are going to one of the other Bruce shows at Giant Stadium over the next week, here are some tips:

  1. The field level/ general admission entrance is Gate B.
  2. If you have field level/ general admission tickets, get there early to get up close. You won’t regret the time investment.
  3. Ladies, don’t bother with the cute, uncomfortable shoes, as you will regret wearing them (Even the people with seats were standing the whole time).
  4. It got quite cold. Wear layers.

9 thoughts on “Concert Review: Springsteen Tears Down Jimmy Hoffa’s House

  1. Unbelieveable show. Best I’ve seen. Glad to see you got my red fleeced-arm it the frame for a couple of seconds. It’s me, I swear!

    Seriously, that one was epic. It was very cool to enjoy it with you.

  2. Not sure if you noticec, but it looked like song #19 was going to be “41 shots”…but then he changed his mind.

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