One Year of The Geek Whisperer!

And one hell of a year it’s been.

I had been planning to create this very blog last Fall, when one of my master’s professors assigned the class to make a blog. Instead of creating something temporary, I went all in (got an A in the process).

Blogging has been shockingly gratifying. It’s fun to share cool things with the world, answer questions, and on occasion vent some frustration, however the most incredible part is meeting new people.

I’ve gotten to know people from the UK, to South Africa, and the Philippines all through blogging.

The most interesting person I have met is without a doubt is Pocholo Peralta (Plato on-line). He blogs about everything from technology, to religion, public policy, and anything else that floats his boat Poch is always posing interesting questions and fostering dialog, there are days where I am more excited to write a comment on one of his posts than I am to write my own. He’s an interesting guy and has been a pleasure to get to know.

I’ve also become closer to friends from the non-web world through their blogs. Mark Krajnak (JerseyStyle Photography), and my cousin Carl Desberg (Inside Boston Sports) (even though I can’t stand New England sports teams), both come to mind, although there are many more people.

I’ve been far more prolific than I originally expected (I really try to write at least one post a day), and I am reaching far more people than I ever expected. Above all, I’ve done it my way. I write what I want, don’t pay much attention to search engine optimization (Google still seems to like me well enough), and I’m not covering the site with ads. As I look forward and begin planning my move to a private server, alone with a redesign of the look, the heart of this blog won’t be changing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my writing. I work quite hard to keep this going, so I really do appreciate every person who takes the time to read. If you’ve been reading and haven’t reached out, please get in touch; leave a comment or email me… channel doesn’t matter.

A good way to celebrate The Geek Whisperer’s blogiversary is to backup your own computer.

Thank again for reading, and always practice safe computing.

5 thoughts on “One Year of The Geek Whisperer!

  1. Hey bud David.
    I’m STUNNED. And flat out flattered!
    And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Geek Whisperer!
    I didn’t know until now that GW is just 5 weeks older than my weblog.
    More power to Geek Whisperer!!

  2. Happy 1 year anniversary!! I remember when you told me your idea and the name of the blog (before you even had the domain). It’s been so long *sniff*

    Congrats on making it this far – I’m sure all you can do now is grow even more.

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