Zombieland Slayed Me

The Academy Award for best use of a Metallica song goes to… Zombieland!

It also won the award for best celebrity cameo… but I really can’t tell you who, it would spoil far too much.

Seriously, I laughed so hard in this movie, it hurt. I’ve been out of the theaters for hours and I’m still laughing at it. When I go to work in the morning, I will be shocked if the clock strikes 9:30 and someone hasn’t made a Zombieland joke (I saw it with a number of my coworkers).

I’m calling it now: Cult classic.

The humor in this movie was brilliant and so geeky; I loved every second of it.

They don’t waste lines, they don’t waste scenes, the characters are likable, every odd joke is tied back to the characters in strangely meaningful ways (Twinkines anyone?), and it avoids all of the stupid horror clichés such as:

  • The awkward, “we’re going to die sex scene”
  • Picking off the cast one-by-one beginning with the funny black guy
  • And my personal favorite, “oh no, it’s 2009 and my cellphone can’t get reception anywhere!” bit

Every victim in modern horror films must be on AT&T. Take that iPhone users! …with your cool phone and crappy network.

Go see Zombieland.

Your thoughts?

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