More Cowbell!

I’ve covered a number of pop culture references on this blog, but if there is one that I want everyone in the world to understand, it’s the phrase “more cowbell.”

If you already get it, you can just move on. If you don’t, please stick around and catch the “fever.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Christopher Walken on SNL circa 2000… before SNL sucked.

(Click here to view the video; I can’t find an embeddable one)

Want to find out more? There’s a rather extensive Wikipedia page on the subject of “More Cowbell…” no joke.

4 thoughts on “More Cowbell!

  1. SNL has given us many memorable skits and taglines over the years.

    That run, unfortunately and IMHO, officially ended the moment the “More Cowbell” skit ended.

    That’s Chris Walken. You sent it out in style.

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