Computer Virus Protection on a Budget

If you are running Windows, you need to have virus protection. It’s just that simple.

I typically recommend McAfee because it hasn’t caused as many headaches for me over the years as some other virus protection has (I really don’t like Norton).

However, virus protection like McAfee can be pretty pricey, sometimes you just need a free alternative. If that’s the case, give AVG a try. It’s a download, and it’s free (so you don’t have an excuse to go online without some form of virus protection… you don’t even have to wear clothes to get AVG). The latest version (which was just released) installed fine for me, and seems user-friendly enough for a virus scan.

In my experience with older versions of AVG, it doesn’t catch as much as McAfee, so this shouldn’t be your first choice, but it is a solid temporary solution if you can’t afford pricey virus protection.

Practice safe computing on a budget by downloading AVG.

Your thoughts?

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