Pre-Ordered My Droid & Clarifying Data Plan Confusion

I’m still hard at work fixing up my computer, but I did drive over to Best Buy to pre-order my Droid. I should be getting it on Friday!!!

If you are going to get a Droid, you should purchase it at Best Buy. All Droids come with a $100 rebate, however Best Buy gives you the $100 back in gift cards immediately. Then you can use the gift cards towards the purchase of the phone, as opposed to mailing the rebate in and getting a check sometime in the future.

One final point about the Droid. There has been a lot of misinformation circling around teh Internets regarding the Droid’s data plan price. I checked, and the data plan costs $30.

Back to work & the Yankee game.

I should have another post up in a few hours.

Your thoughts?

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