Mountains Out of Molehills

My friend Laurie shared this on Facebook a few weeks ago and I almost forgot to post it. Basically it shows how much media hype surrounded a potential cataclysm… then it show’s how man deaths actually occurred as a result of this apocalyptic problem. In each case, the hype was infinitely more intense the the problem.


Click for a larger view
Click for a larger view

The total deaths from killer wasps, killer wifi, mobile phone cancer, Autism vaccinations, asteroid collisions, the Millennium Bug, Mad Cow Disease, video game violence, SARS, Bird Flu, and Swine Flu total somewhere in the range of 3000 people. I don’t mean to diminish the deaths of those who did die from killer wasps, Mad Cow, SARS, Bird & Swine flu, but the amount of attention we give these problems isn’t worth it.

The one in red is video game violence… I think I will be revisiting that one soon.

Data is a wonderful thing.

Your thoughts?

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